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Beloved Husband, Father, Brother, Professor

Mar 27,1976 - Sep 19, 2022

Rest In Power

We would like to thank all of the students, alumni, parents, families, donors, volunteers, performers, faculty, staff, and administration for all of your love and support over the past 12 years. All of our lives are forever changed for the better because of Founder Marcus Coleman and Chelsea Coleman. Professor Coleman's vision and legacy will always live on through us. 

Advanced Pedagogy

Professional Job Opportunities

Marcus Coleman's

Invaluable Methodology

Music Industry Business Acumen

Accelerated Progress

Real-world Experience



Master Classes

& Workshops


Standard of Excellence

Leadership Skills

Personal Confidence

Strong Work Ethic

Perform Alongside World-Class Musicians

ICPA Immediate Changes

Moving Forward

  • Individuals in the community are dedicated to uphold Marcus Coleman’s legacy:

    • Preserve Professor Coleman’s unique methodologies and pedagogy.

    • Create a foundation to raise funding for performing arts.

    • Establish a state of the art world-renowned performing arts facility in the name of Marcus Coleman.

  • Fundraisers and Volunteer Opportunities: 

    • Separate fund is being established to raise support for the above legacy projects and to provide assistance to the Coleman family.  

    • Volunteer committees are being formed such as stage hands, stage tech, fundraising, alumni connections, etc.

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