In the Music Conservatory, students are able to explore different aspects of music, instruments and vocals. Experienced musicians and vocalists have the opportunity to excel in their craft as both soloists and as part of ensembles. Beginners learn basic piano and singing technique. Instrumental musicians are able to choose their classes from jazz, orchestra or pop/rock band genres. Vocalists learn the differences between solo, theatre and choir. 



Auditions are held by appointment only and for assessment of skill level and placement, not for acceptance into ICPA.


Prepare a 2-4 minute solo demonstrating a wide range of your skill and artistry. It may be material you’ve written or arranged or music that someone else has written (please be sure to credit the writer). Technical prowess, presence, musicality, expression and performance quality will be evaluated to determine placement in the Music Conservatory.


If you have skills on more than one instrument, you may wish to present two separate shorter pieces to demonstrate your talent.


If you have skills in more than one vocal style, you may wish to present two separate shorter pieces to demonstrate your talent.


If you are a beginner and have no prior experience or training you must audition anyhow. Just inform the adjudicator(s) that you are auditioning for one of the open beginner slots.


  • Make sure to bring confirmation of your completed registration packet.

  • Make sure to bring confirmation of your paid registration deposit.

  • Bring music on CD or MP3 player (if applicable).

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time for warm-up and preparation.

  • Girls: nice dress or blouse and skirt.

  • Boys: dress shirt and casual pants.

  • No sneakers or sandals, T-shirts, shorts, sweats or costumes.

  • Your appearance is important. Be well-groomed. If you wear such things as facial or tongue piercings, please remove them for the audition. Note: Piercings and tattoos are not permitted and will automatically disqualify you.