In the Theatre Arts Conservatory, thespians are able to explore the art of dramatic and musical theatre and writing for stage and film. Dramatic theatre incorporates contemporary with historical works. With musicals being one of the “American Made” art forms, we teach the history as we as the art form. Using both dialog and music for expression, musical theater helps participants become more confident on stage. 



Auditions are held by appointment only and for assessment of skill level and placement, not for acceptance into ICPA.


The Theatre Conservatory is one that requires the reading and comprehension of concepts and vocabulary that will demand grade level reading competency to achieve success with its rigorous curriculum. Student must be able to verify/demonstrate that they have achieved grade level reading proficiency. Students will be evaluated individually. Areas of assessment will include: Choices, Physical Expression, Vocal Expression, Text/Sub-Text, Overall Impact, Adjustment and Ability to receive feedback/constructive criticism. 


  • Presentation of a 1 to 2 minute memorized monologue (from a published play).

  • Participation in an acting activity or adjustment to your piece (no preparation necessary).

  • A conversation about the preparation of your work.


If you are a beginner and have no prior experience or training you must audition anyhow. Just inform the adjudicator(s) that you are auditioning for one of the open beginner slots.


  • Make sure to bring confirmation of your completed registration packet.

  • Make sure to bring confirmation of your paid registration deposit.

  • Bring music on CD or MP3 player (if applicable).

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time for warm-up and preparation.

  • Costumes related to your monologue or musical theater presentation is encouraged.

  • Your appearance is important. Be well-groomed. If you wear such things as facial or tongue piercings, please remove them for the audition. Note: Piercings and tattoos are not permitted and will automatically disqualify you.